by Joey Selvaggio

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HR - 04


released April 16, 2014

CAST (In Order of Appearance)

Joey Selvaggio: Piano, Synth, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Writing, Heartbreak, Scaring His Teachers, Editing, Suspicious Behavior, and Vocals

Max Look: Trumpet, Gang Vocals, Drums on "Sorry"

Sam Herman: Gang Vocals

Sushma Nandigam: Lyrics for "Breakable by Design"

Gerald MacDougall: Cello on "Unrequited"

Solon AP Music Theory Class: Improvised Interlude on "Mumble"

Eric Wang: Piano
Tyler Eston: Violin
Eliot Mook: Tuba
Sam Shomette: Clarinet
EJ Garfield: Snare
Lucy Dong: Timpani
Will Coan: Chimes

Steve Perrino: Recorded "John", "Heartless", "Breakable" and Mastered entire album, my hero <3

Gary Lewis: The ever-generous Solon Choir Director/Deity Among Men, who graciously provided me with a recording booth to sing/cry in



all rights reserved


Joey Selvaggio Cleveland, Ohio

Columbus based songwriter, frontman of Flashback Humor and owner of Emo, OH. I take CD/tape orders and put out seasonal compilations of Ohio local music!

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Track Name: Come On, Man

I. Come On, Man
II. Taking Interest
III. Compromise
IV. Reprise
Track Name: Somebody Tell John His Car's On Fire
So you bought your own demise;
A one-way ticket to experience Hell's ride
Thought you could make it in the wild,
Even McCandless beat you by a mile

Before you have an episode
For circumstances you can't begin to know
You have no business going there,
I'll tell you kid, it's too heavy a cross to bear
At first her nature isn't known;
That place is where the Prince of Earth calls home
First she will tempt, then strike you blind

Took too long to forgive you,
It's something that I never thought I'd do
If you think I'm wrong,
Nail my hands upon the goddamn cross
Never love you again,
But who the hell said we still can't be friends?
Been so long since I've kept score,
I don't want to win this fucking cold war

Live in the past to keep my mind,
Facing the truth is the harder of two fights,
Just wait a year, I've waited five
Now every day I see your light,
But it's too late, there's no dust left to bite
Just 'cause it's green don't mean it's mine

Upon the burning of your house,
You prayed to God begging him to help you out,
Too bad you sit in angry hands
Track Name: Zero [Smashing Pumpkins]
Backstory: I recorded most of the vocals for this album while in school, whether it be in the offices of teachers who liked me, or an actual recording booth, used courtesy of Solon's own Gary Lewis. Point being, this song scared a lot of people
Track Name: Heartless
[Reworking of "In the Rain" from Sad Songs About Shit and Girls and Whatever]

Now I've taken it upon myself
to explain to you the way I felt that whole time
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
Can you honestly say that you like what you see?

When you left my friends out in the rain
They were soaking wet, the words you said
drenched my heart

With you, day in and day out's the same thing
Why do you insist on being stuck on repeat?
Your heart's a broken record
Fell for the same tricks they played you with last time
How long are you going to make me wait in line?

When you left my friends out in the rain
They were soaking wet, the words you said drenched my heart
And the way I left, it was a promise kept to you
So just stay away, I'm better off by myself

So fucking heartless
Track Name: Breakable By Design
[So she was like "Make this poem a song" and I was like "Ok"]

We are breakable, predictable, irrational
Not so beautiful
Hearts on mend, now we pretend,
but in the end, we are all
Breakable by design

Something so true, something so pure and obscure
So much belief, only to end up in grief
Seasons change, the leaves all dry and fall
And we'll cry over just one phone call

The greatest gift that you can take,
are the hearts that you break

So now he sits alone,
and it takes all he's got not to slit your throat
These past two years were a fucking joke
Threw him overboard, see the bloody rocks ashore
The Sirens' Song finally got to him
But what do you care?
Did you gain anything at all?

Now all I can do is stall

You were just another glitch
You were just one more attack
A virus in a broken system,
what a close call, what a close call

But now we know who we truly are,
the grief is gone, belief so strong,
once again we are invincible
Unpredictable, so sensational
Try and break our new design
Track Name: Confusion To Our Enemies
[The turning point of the album, kinda. After this, continuity was all but pissed on. And then we pissed on the master tapes. Salt peanuts.]

Keep your courtesies to yourself,
because I hate you back
I don't need to hear nice things
from the ones who say my name like a disease
Get lost,
you couldn't find yourself if you lit off a flare
You won't succeed,
hearts the weight of yours will sink, sink, sink

Harder to find solace now in the bottles that you drain?
If I ever show concern, then color me insane

Hurts doesn't it?
When everything you love goes up in flames;
I hope it will
When you cash in all those bad luck checks you saved,
and it slaps you right across the face,
Makes you drop the ashes of what was never born
You don't have too long,
Thought you were right, but you couldn't be more wrong

Think you've got it figured out, but you're the first to go
All that fake, smug confidence was really just a show
Now the real world's coming, and I know you'll never last
You were planning nothing, we were planning your collapse

Get lost! Get Lost!

"Well, I definitely spit more on the second take"
"Yeah. Sorry, I broke your headphones"
"It's fine"
Track Name: Off With My Head
Anne Boleyn, the poster child for second place
She married him, the king himself, how could it be all that bad?
But royalty is not all that it's cracked up to be
Especially when King Henry doesn't get what he wants
The youngest born, now her entire family thinks she's a whore
Imagine how cruel a man got tired of your sister's body,
so then he used yours

Caught up in the moment, and my name I let him shame
Just another vessel in his political game
Church of England, ha, my ass, he's just got to have his way
But what he wants, he wants, there's no point in arguing
Off with my head

If only now, I could find a way to help her
In the game of love, 'cause Anne Boleyn could really use a
...Tudor :P
Track Name: Damn, That's My Name
[The song is completely different once you know it's not about a girl]

Please don't leave me, I feel so lonely
I crave for past days, afraid you're going to let me go

And I still remember, our first summer
Nothing fun to do, but it didn't matter
because we were together
And I still remember, that first summer
Waste away the days walking endless circles around the record store

Been there when I was crying,
Without you, felt myself dying
You told her, "You broke him"
(But you don't even know that)
You did your own fair share of the job

Wanted change for the better,
You told me to leave her,
It's a few months later, now you two are buddies,
and I'm on the sidelines
We used to be best friends, when the hell did that all end?
It was just the other day, we were causing tons of trouble,
and listening to the same songs

Close as two could ever be, how could you let this evil free?
Feel so lost without you here, don't even know who I should be
More than just good friends, you were me, and I was you
Forever lost in my own thoughts of what we never got to do

I used to be you,
When you used to be me

Damn, that's my name
Track Name: Unrequited
Another curveball; I was going to write lyrics because this song is about an unrequited love between you and yourself. But I didn't want to pigeonhole any listeners, so it's an instrumental, and a beautiful one, thanks to the Cello addition made by Gerald MacDougall
Track Name: Sorry [Almost Live]
[Mostly stolen from The Replacements]

Say what you want, I can't tell you what to think
And I can't do much of anything without you
Breathing down my neck
Every night, it's the same routine;
Breakdowns and pulled heartstrings
Something has got to change

A constant jump through rings,
Fight over simple things,
Like, well, fucking everything

If only they could see,
You like her more than me
And I was just about to drop it,
When you opened your damn mouth, and now
The flooding questions drown my mind
The paranoia hits me hard,
It's difficult for me to trust
That your words come from the heart
Being lied to in the past never fades away with time;
It hides away,
Conjuring the best way to ruin your whole life

I'm sorry ma, I'm the one who stole the 'Mats
I'm sorry ma, I'll take out the trash

Try callin' an ambulance,
Try sticking out your tongue
Try to write a song,
When The Replacements have already wrote them all

I'm sorry ma, I'm the one who stole the 'Mats
I'm sorry ma, I'll take out the trash
I'm sorry ma, couldn't help but steal the 'Mats
I'm sorry ma, I'll take out that trash
(Invisible man who could sing with a visible voice...)
Track Name: Mumble
[Featuring several connoisseurs of classical music]

There's a mutiny on board,
Because we're mutually unsure
About how we're to carry on
With this new knowledge taking the floor
Forever haunted by the moment
You mumbled something soft under your breath
And I'm hoping that you meant it,
But you're hoping I've forgotten you said anything

It's the little things that count,
Didn't take long to find that out,
Like when I say your first name,

Made me laugh when I thought impossible,
My present thoughts, you've consumed them all,
Can't tell if this will be an issue,
Is it bad that I want to kiss you?

Still wake up on the floor,
Who do you wake up for?
Is it anybody? I hope you have somebody
Want you to speak a little louder now,
Provide some much needed attention
To this unrequited question

In complete and utter shock,
Because love's a curse that never knocks
But in a world that's not so hot,
You're my sunshine and lollipops
We'll listen to the record pops;
Paul Westerberg and the Buzzcocks
This love's a curse who never knocked,
Unwanted, should have kept it locked

But now it's loose, and here to stay,
A pain, and it won't go away,
A disconnect 'cause I want you to know,
But I don't want to say
My own mistake for feeling this,
Create my own apocalypse,
No way to end this happily,
So I'll just forget that you said anything

So I'll just forget that you said anything
(Love always comes at inopportune times)

In complete and utter shock,
'Cause love's a curse that never knocks,
Love's a curse that never knocks, love's a curse that never knocks
(So I'll just forget that you said anything)
In a world that's not so hot, you're my sunshine and lollipops
(So I'll just forget that you said anything)
No love's a curse who never knocks, love's a curse that never knocks...
(So I'll just forget that you said anything)
So I bought my own demise
(So I'll just forget that you said anything)
So I bought my own demise
(But I can't forget that you said anything)
So I bought my own demise
(But I can't forget that you said anything)
So I bought my own demise
(No I can't forget what you said)

That's how I bought my own demise