Your Time To Go

by Joey Selvaggio

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HR - 22

Recorded over the course of 3 days in my apartment


released April 2, 2016

Joey Selvaggio: Guitar, Vocals, MIDI
Michael Pfahler: Photography



all rights reserved


Joey Selvaggio Cleveland, Ohio

Columbus based songwriter, frontman of Flashback Humor and owner of Emo, OH. I take CD/tape orders and put out seasonal compilations of Ohio local music!

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Track Name: Backseat of the Pinto
The first day of Spring,
You fall in love with the first thing you see

I saw someone who looked like you,
But not quite,
I just remembered all the features
That made you beautiful

I keep walking to the same place
Expecting, hoping, to see you there
Like you were before
Dreams derailed into nightmares
By the same person who laid the tracks
When I'm left to my own devices,
It won't be long before
I fall into the sky

And I can finally try
To see what's there
Behind your eyes

It's clear up here,
No farce or fear
Enjoy it, man
And make it last

And I,
No matter how hard I try
I can't seem to find
Track Name: You Know, Like a Liar
I spent so long thinking
What to make of it
Now it's clear as day
I see everything

Say you're ok, when you're not
Like a liar,
You have a life for others
Now one thing I ask,
You let it go

(I see everything)

Say you're ok, when you're not
Like a liar,
You have a life for others
Now one thing I ask
Track Name: We're Not Thugs, We're Street Urchins
I heard the words
From the other line
How could you let this happen?
Became so different
Than you lead me to believe
Guess my intuition
Lives to mislead

But out of the corner of my eye
Saw something creeping up inside
I bet you're wondering what it's like

You and I, keep on trying to feed
(You and I, keep on trying to)
This goddamn fire
(Feed this fire, nothing happens)
I cannot see a thing
(Think it's time, we stop pretending)
There's no happy ever-
(That we think it's ever changing)

You runaway
Far away,
You lied to me
Track Name: Open Your Window
Pumping gas for the first time
Without you in the seat next to me
Demanding that I leave the keys
So you could listen to the radio
And I know that driving
Doesn't seem to help
But it's better than waiting
For calls that are not coming

I take long walks around
6 o'clock each night
Reliving that day,
When I was too late
Now I live in sunset purgatory,
Waiting for our spirits to leave our bodies,
Unite once more atop old trees
Growing new leaves

(I see everywhere, from way up here)

You gotta let go before you grab hold,
We're fixing your heart
And healing your soul
When the sun gets low,
It's your time to go,
Let your spirit fly out the window

You gotta let go before you grab hold
We're fixing your heart, and healing your soul
(Open your window)
When the sun gets low, it's your time to go
Let your spirit fly out the window
(Open your window)

Open your window